Known issues

python-requests installed using RPM package

The role has been tested with various OS images of the supported operating systems. On some AlmaLinux 9.1 images the roles fails on the "Install required Python modules" task with the error shown below:

ERROR: Cannot uninstall requests 2.25.1, RECORD file not found. Hint: The package was installed by rpm.

This occurs because an older version of the "requests" module was installed using the OS package manager and PIP is not able to upgrade it. To fix this issue the RPM package needs to be removed.

sudo yum remove python3-requests

This can incorporated into the playbook using a pre_task which would run before the role, for example:


    - name: Remove python3-requests
        name: python3-requests
        state: absent

Checkpoint sync public endpoint availability

This issue is listed here for completeness. It is described in the Checkpoint sync section of the documentation.

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