Supported clients

Supported execution clients:

  • Geth

  • Nethermind

  • Besu

  • Erigon

Supported consensus clients:

  • Lighthouse

  • Prysm

  • Teku

  • Nimbus (checkpoint sync currently not supported)

  • Lodestar

Supported validator clients:

  • Lighthouse

  • Prysm

  • Teku

  • Nimbus*

  • Lodestar

Managing validators

slingnode.ethereum enables deployment of the validator clients but doesn't include feature to perform validator management tasks such as:

  • importing keys

  • exporting/importing slashing protection database

Those can be accomplished using a separate role - slingnode.ethereum_node_mgmt.

Alternatively, the Ethereum keymanager API can be used to handle those tasks. Validator API are disabled by default, refer to Enabling Validator Client API for the guide on how to deploy the validator clients with the API enabled and accessible.

Why two separate roles?

The roles were separated in order to preserve separation of concerns. The roles can be thought of as follows:

  • slingnode.ethereum is a configuration and deployment role

  • slingnode.ethereum_node_mgmt is a management role

Combining both together would make them overly complicated and more difficult to understand. We like keeping it simple.

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